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Collection of data kindly shared by Karen Perce.

Hillcrest Cemetery was established by Gallup Ordinance No.142, passed July 29,1914. At that time, the Hillside Cemetery on the north side of town was closed and families were allowed to move bodies from the Hillside to the Hillcrest Cemetery following certain directives.

It is located on West Aztec Avenue and I I th Street. It consists of 16 blocks set up in the following configuration:

16 15 14 13

9 10 11 12

8 7 6 5

1 2 3 4


  11th St    

Aztec Avenue

Blocks 1, 8, 9, and 16 contain a high rocky ridge. There is one, unmarked grave in block 1; blocks 8 and 9 have two rows of graves; and block 16 has four rows. Rows 12, 13, and 15 also have few rows because of the rocky soil. Rows are numbered from east to west. Blocks 4 and 7 have 11 rows. Block 12 has 5 rows, numbered 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. In some instances, there is not a well-defined margin between blocks; others are separated by primitive roads. Each row is numbered l - 120, with the odd rows on the east side. Numbers start on the north (gate) end.

Some of the graves are well-maintained, while others whose families are not nearby have fallen into disrepair with markings broken or gone.

The survey was done using a previous record prepared probably in the 1970s. A list was prepared for each block and row and an attempt was made to find these. An explanation of the results is listed in the 'comments' column in the following manner:


No evidence--exactly that, no sign of a grave.
No maker--evidence of a grave, but no marker.
No inscription--some sort of a stone or cross, but nothing written.
Marker illegible--sometimes an eroded or defaced stone, but usually a mortuary marker on which the writing is completely gone or unreadable.


Headings for the columns on the index sheets are as follows:

Name, block, row, grave number, birth date, death date, and comments.

There are probably errors in this listing, because of inability to read the previous record, a barely legible marker, or my own errors. It is hoped that families searching for deceased members will be led in the proper direction to find their relatives.

The list has been reviewed and some additions and corrections made as of March 2003.
Much cleanup work has been done in the cemetery.

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