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Data kindly transcribed by Dawn Phelan

There appear to be about 14 graves here. The cemetery itself is surrounded by a fence made of bolted logs 2 rails high and 46 posts. Total estimated size of cemetery is 84’ x 60’. Most of the “graves” are nothing more then depressions in the ground and little else to go on
[Here Dawn furnishes a rough map, but it does not copy well to the web page...]

A. 2’x3’ ringed with stones and filled with pine cones. Only marker is metal and only says "Ertel Funeral Home". No name or date.
But there is a commercial stone apparently for all of A, B, and C?
Located at the head of B. It says:

Helen Ruth Don Edwin Billy Jim
Apr 18, 1929 Mar 21, 1931 Jan 6, 1933
Jan 18, 1932 Apr 6, 1932 Jan 19, 1933
Children of Lonnie L & Lydia P Brown

B. 2’x3’ ringed with stones and filled with pine cones. No markers.

C. 3’x4’ ringed with stones and filled with pine cones. No markers.

D. Possible child’s grave? Rocks seem placed 3’x4’ to the South of a tree and West of South edge of crescent shaped rock pile. No markers.

E. Concrete “crib” about 5’x7’ near the center of the cemetery. No markers. 2 drainage holes at lower (West) end of “crib”

F. Ringed with natural rocks that are level with the ground. Metal marker at NW corner has no name or date. Only “Ertel Funeral Home” embossed at the bottom.

G. Raised, scattered natural rocks over the top. Metal marker lying on the ground at SW corner.Nothing on the marker.

H. Immediately North of G is a 6” depression. No markers.

I. Concrete “frame” (8’x8’?) 9” wide. Made of stone, looks recent. “Frank[lin] B[enjamin]. Hoisington” on the top line. “1855-1928” on the next line. Stone looks commercial and professional.
J, K L, M Possible 4 graves near center. Depressions maybe 4” with many loose natural rocks that may have been stacked to outline each grave previously. No markers.
N. 4” raised soil about 3’x6’. No marker.
This information was collected by Pat A. Wilson on 8/7/2000 when she was camping at the near-by McGaffey campground. She also took photos of the landmarks and headstones mentioned above. Respectfully submitted by Dawn Phelan.